Solving for Blockchain Accounting, Reporting & Data Challenges

We are building the financial and compliance infrastructure to enable mass adoption of web3 and blockchain services in a higher regulated environment.

Under Development 🚧

Aggregating, accounting for and reporting on an exponentially growing number of fiat and digital asset transactions.


Our blockchain native triple entry accounting protocol has been built from the ground up to aggregate, normalise, validate and reconcile data from multiple sources seamlessly.

We are iteratively improving our machine learning accounting and reconciliation engine to allow clients to scale their fiat and crypto transactions through efficient automation, enabling them to diversify into complex asset classes requiring new real time financial and operational work processes.

  • Data aggregation

  • Triple entry accounting

  • Reconciliation engine



Our reporting modules are built to meet financial, tax and regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions. We continuously map to new accounting, tax and financial reporting standards to help clients automate their reporting processes, building industry compliant fully configurable reports.

By removing dependencies on legacy systems and eliminating manual spread sheet driven calculations, our clients can be confident of fully auditable data available with the level of granular detail and transparency needed for making strategic decisions, at the same time reducing the need for manpower on administrative and compliance related issues.

  • Fully configurable reporting

  • Jurisdiction specific

  • Up to date



Our analysis tools are designed to transform data into informed actionable insights, presented in customisable dashboard style views for a wide range of performance metrics to be evaluted in real time.

By consolidating huge volumes of transactional level data, we can apply machine learning techniques to mine such data and track a diverse array of business activities through variable queries.

  • Portfolio management

  • Treasury optimisation

  • Performance analysis



Data is at the core of our system and we take a data-driven approach to design and treat all your data as immutable. Immutable data shows you how your data is changing and why.

By using our bitemporal portfolio system you are able to view your data at any point in time.

  • Data-driven design

  • Immutability

  • Bitemporal storage



We take security seriously at CrunchSpark. Our platform uses a combination of data encryption, tokenisation and secrets management to keep your data secure. Under the hood our software is built using memory-safe languages with security being an integal part of each development piece.

For clients with their own infrastructure we offer a private cloud/ on-site installation to allow for total control over data.

  • Private/ public cloud installs

  • Access controls

  • Data encryption & secrets management