Blockchain Adoption Adds New Layers of Complexity

Businesses operating with digital assets are facing both common and unique challenges, requiring sophisticated bespoke advice and solutions to resolve.

Our Clients

We help blockchain native clients across different industries establish greater financial accuracy, efficiency and scalability.


Businesses are increasingly adopting blockchain and digital assets in their daily transactions, from fundraising through token sales, to creating virtual digital assets or NFTs, to investing and receiving payments in cryptocurrencies.
  • Token issuances

  • Payments

  • Treasury functions

  • Digital assets

  • Investments


Hedge Funds

Hedge funds and other asset managers are investing and trading more actively in digital assets, resulting in the need for accounting solutions to generate reliable and comprehesive NAV reports that investors can trust.
  • High volume of transactions

  • Asset pricing

  • Operational requirements

  • Segregation of client funds

  • Performance fees calculations

Hedge Funds

Family Offices

Family Offices often look to diversify investments to optimise long term returns for future generations, and are increasingly looking for exposure to a wide range of tokenised and alternative non-traditional assets but lack back office expertise.
  • Holding periods

  • Valuations

  • Liquidity

  • Tax optimisation

  • Returns analysis

Family Offices

Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors need flexible integrated accounting, reporting and analysis solutions to offer clients from a wide range of backgrounnds wealth management, tax advisory, accounting and business planning services.
  • Multiple clients

  • Industry templates

  • Auto coding

  • Robo services

  • Access levels

Financial Advisors

Fund Administrators

Fund Administrators offer professional administrative services to corporates, trusts, pension funds and other wealth management businesses, each having specialised accounting and reporting requirements.
  • Fund accounting

  • Offshore planning

  • Tokenisation

  • Special purpose vehicles

  • Other structuring

Fund Administrators


Exchanges and market makers facilitate trading and provide liquidity in cryptocurrencies for fees, but high volume often driven by algo trading and the need for client money segregation raises new accounting challenges.
  • Decentralised vs centralised

  • Client money flows

  • Proprietary trades

  • Matching engines

  • Fiat and crypto custody & wallets



Miners solve complex computational math problem using sophisticated hardware, with nodes acting as servers storing the entire blockchain and running software to validate all transaction data to blockchain protocols for rewards.
  • Inventory accounting

  • Electricity costs

  • Staking rewards

  • Hash rates

  • Volatility modelling