Get Expert Support from CFOs and Finance Professionals

New decentralised technologies, financial processes and regulations require increasingly specialist knowledge to drive governance standards higher.

Our Services

We are here to help you navigate fast evolving crypto financial complexities, so you can focus on building your business.

Fractional CFO Advisory

Fast growing technology businesses often omit defining and implementing a clear financial strategy, resulting in convoluted issues building up. Simple things like having the discipline to keep proper records early can reduce major future roadblocks.

Our experienced CFOs can guide you through the numbers and processes to achieve your financial goals, and get you aligned to the latest best practices for more streamlined operations.

  • Financial strategy

  • Foreasting & KPIs

  • Treasury & fiat banking

  • Board & management support

Fractional CFO Advisory

Accounting and Reporting

Many companies dealing with cryptocurrencies and other digital assets struggle to cope with complex accounting issues, with outdated software and industry standards drafted decades ago unfit for today’s technological advancements.

Our team of qualified accountants can resolve monthly accounting and financial reporting challenges to give you the peace of mind that your accounts are up to date.

  • High volume bookkeeping

  • Financial reporting

  • Regulations

  • Audit preparations

Accounting and Reporting

Capital Raising and Exits

The journey of building a business through to a potential exit can be capital intensive. Managing investors' expectations can be demanding and time consuming. A detailed understanding of the financial position at any given time is crucial.

Our team has access to a network of global investors, from pre-seed to later stage, and can support you on fundraising efforts and business exits.

  • Valuations

  • Financial modelling

  • Succession planning

  • Cap table management

Capital Raising and Exits

Financial Operations

Legacy financial processes, often designed decades ago, are ill suited to deal with the complexities and volumes involved with digital assets and new types of transactions. Blockchain events such as forks and airdrops need new financial process flows.

Our team has specialist knowledge in both accounting and technology to advise on and help you design, implement and test bespoke solutions.

  • Architectures & flows

  • CoA & general ledger mapping

  • Process reviews

  • Implementations

Financial Operations


We quote fixed monthly fees based on the value we add, incentivising us to optimise and streamline our services to you.

≥ $500/ £400

Core monthly accounting and reporting services for blockchain native businesses, allowing you to focus on building your business.

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Bookkeeping
  • ≤ 50 transactions per month
  • Monthly and annual accounts
  • Monthly update call (1 hour)
Start Up CFO
≥ $3,000/ £2,400

For early stage companies looking to outsource their finance functions at a fraction of the cost of hiring an experienced team.

  • All basic services
  • ≤ 100 transactions per month
  • Strategy and planning
  • Quarterly budget reviews
  • Bi-weekly update calls
  • Ad hoc queries (10 per month)
Growth CFO
≥ $5,000/ £4,000

For later stage or revenue generating companies looking for fully outsourced CFO services and finance functions.

  • All start up CFO services
  • Full CFO advisory
  • Monthly KPIs
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Treasury management
  • Audit preparations
  • Regulatory reviews
  • Weekly update calls
  • Unlimited ad hoc queries (within reason)
Tax Advisory Scope based

Solutions from VAT returns to complex cross border tax planning, structuring and compliance work. We may engage external partners but manage them on your behalf.

    Financial Modelling Custom

    Comprehensive financial modeling services for business valuations, forecasting, planning, analysis, financing and risk management, to support companies with their decision making.

      Capital Raising Custom

      Capital raising support providing expert guidance in financial modelling, strategy, negotiations and investor management to secure funding and business exits.

        Financial Operations Custom

        In-depth reviews of financial processes and flows, specialising in chart of accounts and general ledger mapping, Xero migrations and implementation of efficient financial systems.

          Board Support Daily Rates

          Financial support to Boards, offering strategic insights, financial analysis, and guidance on governance, risk management, and decision-making to enhance overall corporate strategy.

            CFO Projects Custom

            Bespoke projects ranging from technical accounting interpretations to bank account applications specific to navigating complex crytpo-centric challenges and opportunities.