Expert Support from Accounting & Compliance Professionals

Our financial and regulatory teams have years of both traditional and blockchain experience to guide you through new crypto complexities.

Our Services

We appreciate new crypto regulations will raise governance standards but increase demand for specialist knowledge and skills.


Many companies dealing with cryptocurrencies and other digital assets struggle to cope with complex accounting issues, with outdated industry standards drafted decades ago unsuitable for today’s technological advancements.

Our team of qualified accountants can help guide you through a number of common accounting and financial reporting challenges to get you aligned to the latest best practices.

  • Bookkeeping

  • Accounting standards

  • Advisory services

  • Best practices



Reporting requirements for blockchain native businesses are only going to increase as new regulations come into effect. Companies will need to spend significant time and resources to meet stringent new rules across multiple jurisdictions.

Our team has specialist compliance experience to advise on and help you design, implement and test bespoke reporting solutions.

  • IFRS 9 and IFRS 15

  • Financial flows

  • Chart of account design

  • Reporting reviews



Valuation methodologies can vary across different accounting standards and non-GAPP measures. The intrinsic values of unique assets such as NFTs are often estimated on novel concepts around rarity, utility, and tangibility.

Our team of analysts can advise on token economics, value market traded digital assets under various accounting measures and evaluate less liquid digital assets.

  • Intangibles vs inventories

  • Token economics

  • Financial modelling

  • Non-GAAP measures



Legacy financial processes, often designed decades ago, are ill suited to deal with the complexities and volumes involved with digital assets and new types of transactions. Blockchain events such as forks and airdrops need new financial process flows.

Our team has specialist knowledge in both accounting and technology to advise on and help you design, implement and test bespoke solutions.

  • Architectures & flows

  • General ledger mapping

  • Implementations

  • Process reviews