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A pioneering CFO advisory, accounting and technology firm committed to transitioning clients into the digital finance age.

CrunchSpark provides skilled finance professionals and specialists access to blockchain native businesses.

We solve common Web3 finance pain points.

  • Applying IFRS to Crypto

    Existing IFRS and GAAPs are outdated to deal with many new technologies. We help clients interpret and apply accounting standards to complex crypto transactions, ensuring compliance for reporting, taxation and regulatory needs.

  • Audit Preparations and Support

    Auditors have become wary of taking on blockchain clients with higher perceived risks. We assist businesses to navigate audit processes, from sourcing and onboarding with new audit firms, to completion of accounts and final sign off.

  • Fiat Banking and On Off Ramping

    Traditional banks are becoming less crypto friendly after the closures of Silvergate, Signature and SVB. We secure stable banking and OTC brokerage solutions to streamline financial operations and enhance market access for our clients.

  • ICOs and Revenue Recognition

    ICOs are used to fundraise via the sale of tokens, creating deferred income liabilites for businesses. We implement processes based on the nature of transactions to track utility token usage so revenue can be properly recognised.

  • Licence Applications

    Regulations around digital assets are multi jurisdicitonal and fast evolving. We prepare supporting documentation and forecasts for the financial elements of VASPs, EMIs and other money services or payment related licence applications.

  • Specialist Crypto Knowledge

    Accounting for blockchain transactions require specialist knowledge. We have in-house expertise and a network of advisors with deep experience in areas such as mining, minting, tracking, valuing and trading digital assets.

  • Digital Asset Valuations

    Digital assets can be unique non fungible items which are difficult to value. We leverage on valuation methodologies used by professional investors to help clients track their portfolio value and identify potential opportunites for investment.

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We are building the professional services firm for the future based on the values of collaboration, decentralisation and automation.

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CrunchSpark provided efficient short term resourcing to help us establish demanding financial accounting and reporting processes.
Matt de Souza

Matt de Souza

CEO, OneAlpha

We were very impressed with the quality of the financial analysis and modelling performed for our fundraising project.
Greg Austin

Greg Austin

Founder, Mosaic Global Advisors

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